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Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour Gifts
Considering the average wedding in the UK costs around £25,000, we know how important it is to be able to choose fantastic pieces that make charming Bridesmaids and Matron of Hour gifts.

Our splendid designs are perfectly suited to Brides Maids, Matron of Honour and other ladies that you wish to buy a memorable gift for.

You can make your selection from a wide range of sparkling wedding gifts – we have made it easy to look around the site, and with detailed photography you can clearly view detailing on our wedding gifts.

- Diamond Earrings
- White Gold Pendants
- Friendship Rings
- Swarovski Keepsakes
- Personalised Items
- Cherished Keepsakes
- Unusual Gifts
- Pearl Bracelets

We ensure that we select a large range of gifts that can make your wedding girls, boys, ladies and gents feel very special. Cherished wedding gifts help your guests remember that they played an important part in your big day.

No matter what your budget, our gift ideas begin at exceptionally low prices that make for basic but individual presents. And it’s easy to find high range fine gifts that are luxury and hand made, but that also remain competitively priced.

We make sure that we have a full range to suit a variety of budgets so that we can cater for everyone’s tastes. And we welcome you to take a look around our online store where you can find flower girls and boys, Brides Maids and Matron of Honour gifts to delight.