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Wedding Keepsakes
Preserving the big day for years to come can be an important part of a wedding to some.

Wedding keepsakes are made to last, giving the couple a fantastic item to show off at home or to keep next to their wedding photo album. Keepsakes are also given to guests at the wedding, along with Brides Maids, Ushers, the Best Man and of course Fathers and Mothers of the Bride and Groom.

Keepsakes that are left on the table are usually called favours, and allow guests to take them home as a memory of the day; those given to the bride and groom are usually things that can be worn, such as jewellery, or displayed – like sculptures, photo’s or pictures.

Almost anything can be engraved, carved and personalised so, depending on budget, you may wish to choose things like:

- Uniquely Designed Wedding Plates
- His & Hers Jewellery
- Gold Charms & Pendants
- Personalised Venue
- Trinket Boxes
- Embroidered Cushions

The list of wedding keepsakes and favours really is endless.

We are passionate about our online wedding store and not only to we have years of experience with jewellery, we work to make any wedding day extra special. Our inspired collections across the online shop are desirable and luxurious, without the ‘boutique’ and expensive price tag.